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Convicted Russian agent to host show on state-owned RT

Maria Butina, the Russian gun enthusiast who pleaded guilty in the U.S. last year for conspiring to act as a foreign agent, has landed a job hosting a weekly online program, the state-owned RT network announced Tuesday. 

In a promotional video shared on social media, Butina is seen wearing a t-shirt reading, “foreign agent” as news clips related to her case play intermittently. 

“Well, I’m home now,” she says at the end of the video, according to a translation by Reuters. 

Butina, 31, was released from prison and deported to Russia in October after serving most of an 18-month sentence. She was accused of infiltrating U.S. political organizations, including the National Rifle Association, on behalf of the Kremlin. Prosecutors said the former American University student sought to court influential Americans in order to cultivate them as Russian sources. 

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