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Britain’s ‘strange’ election heralds U.S.-style ‘shift’

LONDON – Back to normal? Hardly.

Britain held its fourth national vote in less than five years Thursday – if 2016’s referendum on EU membership is included – and incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson stormed to victory in a contest that was notionally about one thing: Brexit. 

Yet it was also about a potential realignment of Britain’s political identity. 

Johnson’s Conservative Party secured 364 of 650 parliamentary seats in a vote that drew comparisons, in terms of its gravity, to Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1979.

In the end, the result drew an additional dotted line to the Iron Lady. It marked the Conservative Party’s best result since Thatcher’s third election win in 1987.

Thatcher, U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s political soulmate, launched Britain on a path toward economic reform and aggressive privatization of its major industries from which it has never looked back – or recovered, depending on your politics. 

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