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Boris Johnson forecast to win vote, per exit polls

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson secured a comfortable majority in Parliament, according to a BBC exit poll Thursday after an election that pitted Johnson’s plan to “get Brexit done” against opposition parties who wanted to delay Britain’s departure from the European Union or even cancel it altogether.

The result, if confirmed, probably paves the way forJohnson to push through Brexit on Jan. 31 after three years of divisive and acrimonious debate by lawmakers over whether Britain should leave a bloc it joined more than four decades ago.

Results are expected in the early hours of Friday.

The Conservatives were predicted to win 368 out of a possible 650 seats, which would be the party’s best performance in an election since Margaret Thatcher in 1987. The result, if it holds, marks a terrible day for the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn and those hoping to delay or overturn Brexit.   

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