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6 bodies recovered in risky mission

Military specialists on New Zealand’s White Island have recovered six more victims’ bodies after a deadly volcanic eruption, bringing the confirmed death toll to 14.

Two others remain missing and are presumed dead, but Thursday’s recovery mission — an arduous affair for military specialists searching under the threat of another eruption — did not find them.

The effort began Friday morning local time after a blessing was held at sea with representatives of the families of the victims, a statement from New Zealand police Deputy Commissioner John Tims said

Recovered bodies were airlifted to a ship near the island, which held scientists, police and other military personnel involved in the mission. 

At least one body is in the surrounding waters, said Police Commissioner Mike Bush, and police divers continued to search in the afternoon. Aerial crews will also try to locate the victims, who are believed to be a tour guide and the captain of a boat that had taken tourists to the island. 

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