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Disputes roil military alliance on 70th anniversary

LONDON – President Donald Trump abruptly canceled a news conference at a NATO leaders’ meeting in London on Wednesday after calling Canada’s leader Justin Trudeau “two-faced,” underscoring some of the political tensions that have come to the fore this year for the military alliance as it turns 70. 

Trump said he was calling off the news conference “because we did so many over the past two days,” a reference to three lengthy Q&A sessions he held with reporters here. But the timing was unusual and came after Trudeau was shown in a video with other NATO leaders appearing to mock the U.S. president. That followed sharp, public exchanges between Trump and France’s President Emmanuel Macron a day earlier. 

Amid the disagreements – on funding, on how best to tackle global terrorism, on how to engage with Russia – NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg wrapped up the meetings by trying to talk up NATO unity, saying that the alliance “was the most successful in history because we’ve changed as the world has changed.” 

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