Travel enhanced by technology, but raises some safety concerns

Be wary of uploading pics to social media to brag about being away, as you’re promoting the fact your home is empty.

The arrival of November marks the unofficial kickoff to the travel season, be it over Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas road trips to see family next month or perhaps a winter vacation down south.

But in the digital age, travelers face a few extra risks that we didn’t have to worry about before laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices were included among typical travel gear. It’s worth it to make sure to avoid some unsafe behaviors, which could be exploited by criminals, to avoid putting yourself (and your data) in harm’s way.

Here’s some travel-related tech mistakes you might be making, and how to fix them.

Avoid posting pics to social media 

While it may be tempting to post vacation photos in the moment, remember these posts are also broadcasting the fact your home is vacant at that time (insert the “face palm” emoji).

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