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Anne Sacoolas to meet with UK police in US about Harry Dunn’s death

British detectives will travel to the U.S. to interview the wife of an American diplomat who left England while a suspect in a vehicle collision that left a teenager dead, police said Tuesday. 

Anne Sacoolas, 42, was allegedly behind the wheel of a vehicle that fatally struck Harry Dunn, 19, as he was riding his motorcycle near RAF Croughton, a military base in Northamptonshire, England on Aug. 27. 

Despite leaving the country, “the suspect has cooperated fully with the police and with the authorities,” said Nick Adderley, the chief constable for the Northamptonshire Police, during a news conference. Adderley said Sacoolas “requested to be interviewed by British police officers” in the U.S.

“Lawyers have clearly stated that the suspect wants to be personally interviewed by officers from Northamptonshire police in order for them to see her and the devastation that this has also caused her and her family,” Adderley said. 

Harry Dunn:Trump tried to broker meeting with accused driver Anne Sacoolas and parents of victim Harry Dunn

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