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Arthur Levine, Special to USA TODAY
Published 7:30 a.m. ET Oct. 8, 2019



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A new batch of scream-inducing roller coasters and other thrill machines are set to launch at Six Flags parks throughout the country and Canada in 2020. 

Let’s run down some of the highlights coming to the chain. Earplugs are optional.

New Jersey’s singular sensation

Among the chain’s most anticipated attractions is the Jersey Devil Coaster set to tempt visitors at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.

Known as a single-rail coaster, riders in one-passenger cars will straddle a 15.5-inch-wide steel, monorail track and navigate a twisted course that will include multiple inversions. 

Rocky Mountain Construction, which developed the innovative ride concept, built its first single-rail coaster,Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso, in 2018 at San Antonio’s Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Thanks to its unusual design, the attraction delivers a rock-solid-smooth ride experience punctuated by giddy, abrupt transitions between elements. That coaster has garnered rave reviews.

Jersey Devil, which will climb 130 feet, hit a top speed of 58 mph and roll along 3.000 feet of monorail track, will be taller, faster and considerably longer than its Texas counterpart.

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Aquaman will make a splash in Texas

Combining a launched roller coaster with a splashdown ride, the intriguing Aquaman: Power Wave at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington will be the first attraction of its kind in North America.

Using magnetic propulsion, a 20-passenger vehicle will accelerate to 63 mph and soar forward and backward on a U-shaped track with 90-degree, 148-foot-tall spikes on either end.

Just before the last pass, a splash pool in the center of the track will fill with water. Upon impact, the vehicle will create a huge plume of water, soaking passengers and spectators alike.

More coasters snake into Six Flags

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, in the Bay Area, will debut Sidewinder Safari, featuring single-car trains that spin freely along a track with hairpin turns on what looks like an unassuming, Wild Mouse-like track turns. 

The line for Sidewinder Safari, a family coaster, could end up being scarier than the actual ride since passengers will encounter live snakes and other reptiles while waiting to board. 

Montreal’s La Ronde will get its own snake-themed ride: Vipère (Viper) will send riders spinning vertically in cars on either side of the coaster’s ribbon of track. The ride is being relocated from Six Flags Magic Mountain, where it was known as Green Lantern: First Flight and had a reputation for delivering rough rides.

Speaking of Magic Mountain, the Los Angeles-area park has not revealed anything new for 2020. It still has yet to debut West Coast Racers, a dual racing launch coaster that will navigate 4,000 feet of track and hit 55 mph, a ride originally scheduled to open in 2019.

Could you swing these crazy pendulum rides?

A trio of wacky pendulum rides will open in 2020, including Harley Quinn Spinsanity at Six Flags America in the Baltimore/Washington region. Passengers will sit in outward-facing seats as they spin on a platform perched at the end of an arm that will swing nearly 150 feet at a 120-degree angle and reach a robust 70 mph.

Passengers on Six Flags St. Louis‘ new Catwoman Whip will get turned and flipped in pods at opposite ends of a 164-foot arm that rotates at 52 mph and send them flip-flopping high in the sky. The similar Catwoman Whip at Six Flags Over Georgia near Atlanta will be equally disorienting.

Theme park fans in the Northeast may want to try Adirondack Outlaw, a new ride coming to upstate New York’s The Great Escape that offers essentially same ride experience.

Take these rides for a spin

Riders aboard Supergirl Sky Flyer at Six Flags New England near Springfield, Massachusetts, will begin their journey spinning horizontally. As the large disc rises to an almost vertical position, the ride will resemble a demonic Ferris wheel that will nearly invert passengers with each turn.

Daredevil Dive Flying Machines at Six Flags Fiesta Texas will send passengers head over heels when its vehicles rotate on arms connected to a spinning platform.

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