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The next time you take a flight, your snack options may be pretzels or…pretzels. That is, if you’re flying Southwest, because they’re getting rid of pre-packaged peanuts.

Southwest Airlines is bringing back its trademark snack. Sort of.

The airline, which stopped serving free packs of peanuts a year ago due to passenger allergy concerns, this month started selling peanuts online and at its company store in Dallas.

You won’t be able to buy one of the tiny, half-ounce packages that was served on the planes, however. Ever the marketer, Southwest is selling the peanuts inside a silver lunch box emblazoned with the design from the peanut packages and Southwest’s logo.

Inside: Two 10-ounce packages of peanuts, one each of the types Southwest rotated when it served them on board: lightly salted and honey roasted. (Rabid honey roasted fans hated it when it was lightly salted season and vice versa.)

The price tag on the retro lunch box: $29.

The airline’s online pitch: “You’d be nuts to miss out on these.”

Spokeswoman Ro Hawthorne said Southwest offers fun, unique items in the store and that the peanut lunch boxes “are in line with that.” 

Quantities of the specialty item are limited (the company store website listed fewer than 60 for sale late Wednesday) and there is no guarantee they will be restocked, Hawthorne said.

There is a consolation prize for Southwest peanut lovers who find the lunch boxes sold out: The airline also just added decorative canvas pillows with the peanut packaging decor. They are also $29.

Travelers who miss the peanuts, a key part of Southwest’s history, can also consult online shopping sites like eBay, where the peanuts are peddled as collector’s items.

And if you don’t care about the Southwest packaging, King Nut made Southwest’s peanuts and you can buy the tiny packages in bulk on Amazon. (Southwest’s packages of peanuts included information on how to contact King Nut.)

Details: or the company store at 2432 Wyman St., Dallas, on Southwest’s corporate campus.


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