Trump awards Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor at White House ceremony — live stream, live updates

President Trump is hosting the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor ceremony in the White House East Room Wednesday. The award is the highest national award for valor by a public safety officer.

Attorney General William Barr was also expected to deliver remarks at the ceremony.

The East Room event comes hours after Mr. Trump cut short a meeting with top Democrats on infrastructure and delivered an impromptu statement in the White House Rose Garden. The White House surprised reporters earlier in the day with a Rose Garden event in which the president blasted Democrats, and said he told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that work on infrastructure cannot move forward while investigations continue on Capitol Hill. 

Pelosi had told reporters she believes the president engaged in a “cover-up,” stoking the president’s ire. 

“So I’ve said from the beginning, right from the beginning, that you probably can’t go down two tracks, you can go down the investigation track and you can go down the investment track or the track of, let’s get things done for the American people,” Mr. Trump said. “I love the American people. Drug prices are coming down, first time in 51 years, because if my administration. But we can get them down way lower working with the Democrats. We can solve the problem at the border in 15 minutes if the Democrats would give us a few votes.”

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