Bronze Radio Return shares eclectic favorites

To celebrate Bronze Radio Return’s recent release of their album “Entertain You,” singer/guitarist Chris Henderson curated a thoughtful playlist of his favorite tunes for USA TODAY.

Micheal Nau, “Love Survive” 

This whole record is my go-to “hang around the house” listen. I love the arrangements, the performance and over aesthetic of this song.

Jungle, “Time”

Feels fresh, effortlessly cool and beautifully produced. 

Andy Shauf, “The Magician”

Listening to this gives me a similar feeling to watching a Wes Anderson movie, soft edges and sharp aesthetic.


The Shacks, “This Strange Effect”

This song showed up on a playlist a couple months ago and has been in heavy rotation ever since. 

Broncho, “Get in My Car”

Love this tune and his vocal delivery. I always feel a little cooler when this song is on.

Hamilton Leithauser and Angel Olson, “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)”

The vocal performance on this is incredible. It feels timeless.

Dirty Projectors, “I Feel Energy”

Electric, groovy, fresh and movement inducing. 

SONTALK, “Baby, I’m Gone”

We were touring with SONTALK earlier this year and we all loved listening to him play every night. 

Kishi Bashi, “Summer of ‘42”

I love the strings and vocal harmonies in this tune. He always delivers on interesting arrangements.

Bibio, “Petals”

I’ve been on a big Bibio kick lately. I love the sound and feel of his guitars.

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