Nicki Minaj fans troll her when she cancels concert, shout ‘Cardi B’

Susan Haas, USA TODAY
Published 11:00 p.m. ET March 10, 2019 | Updated 11:04 p.m. ET March 10, 2019


Cardi B and Nicki Minaj shared the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS red carpet Friday night, before becoming involved in an altercation that left Cardi B with a mark on her head. (Sept 10)

Nicki Minaj fans in France were not happy with the singer.

For the second time in two months, the “Barbie Tingz” rapper canceled her show, this time in Bordeaux, France, just hours before she was to go onstage Saturday.

Fans were already in the Arkea Arena when they were told there wouldn’t be a show because of electricity issues. 

Minaj, 36, jumped on Instagram to apologize, saying, “the BUILDING wouldn’t let me or juice Wrld perform. They let us soundcheck then said the building doesn’t have enuff power to run the show.”

She added in a second video post in her Instagram Stories. “You guys, it’s not in my best interest to not perform and lose money and aggravate my fans. I love performing for my fans. I’m more excited than you are before the show,” she said in the video.

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“These two cities that had technical issues were cities that I’d never been to before and we tried to add them but they just didn’t have the power in the building to facilitate my show. And they didn’t tell us that until three hours before the show. … We did sound check, they said it was fine.”

The second city Minaj referenced is Bratislava, Slovenia, where she canceled a Feb. 22 show, also because the venue couldn’t provide the electricity to support her performance. 

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Too bad Minaj’s apology (and cancellation) didn’t come earlier. It wasn’t enough for some of her disgruntled French fans, who chanted, “Cardi B, Cardi B” as they headed for the exits.

Minaj and Cardi are rather famous for their feuding, which came to blows at a New York Fashion Week party in September.  

Clearly, Minaj wasn’t to broken up about the canceled show. She and boyfriend Kenneth Petty went to a carnival instead. 


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