The 5 best TV shows, movies to watch

If you watch enough TV, maybe spring will come sooner. 

Now that we’re in March, hopefully the cold and ice and snow should be behind us, and sunshine and flowers will be here soon. But if you’re still stuck inside this month, there are plenty of movies and TV shows to keep you company while you dream of spring. We rounded up the best new options coming to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu this March.

If you want to be rustic and nostalgic: ‘Little House on the Prairie’

The classic show about life on America’s 19th-century frontier is the kind of series that doesn’t get made anymore: A family show and a period piece set in the U.S., not the U.K. Amazon has surfaced all nine seasons of the series for your streaming pleasure, and even if some of the episodes haven’t aged well, the series is as comforting as apple pie. 

Stream it on Amazon

If you want to fall on the floor laughing: ‘Death at a Funeral’ (2007) 

Few movies can mine humor out of death, and even fewer get the privilege of doing it with stars like Peter Dinklage and Alan Tudyk. This riotously funny British comedy was remade in the U.S. in 2010, but the dry British wit is an essential part of the movie’s success. Dysfunctional families are always funnier when they have British accents.

Stream it on Amazon or Hulu

If you want the platonic ideal of a heist movie: ‘The Bank Job’ 

Go to the “Ocean’s” series for big celebrities, “Ant-Man” for some superheroics and “Heat” for a classic. But if you want a heist film that is the best without being too specific or too funny or too crazy, look to this 2008 film starring Jason Statham and Saffron Burrows. The film imagines a famous 1971 London bank robbery as if it was orchestrated by MI-6 to retrieve sensitive photos of Princess Margaret. Led by Statham’s scowl and a dry sense of humor, the movie is exactly what you picture when you picture a heist.

Stream it on Amazon

If you want to cry at a movie: ‘The Notebook’

Has there been any romance since “An Affair to Remember” so notorious for gallons of tears shed than “The Notebook.” The adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel about a man telling his ailing wife their own love story is so tragic and beautiful, it puts all other tragic love stories in their place. And now you can watch it over and over and over again. 

Stream it on Netflix

If you want to cry at a TV show: ‘Queer Eye’

We are truly living in a blessed era with Netflix delivering so many episodes of its “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” reboot in such quick succession. The series, which “yas”-ed its way onto the streaming service last year, returns in mid-March for a third season that will sure to make us laugh and cry, maybe in the same scene, as the new Fab Five change minds and lives. 

Stream it on Netflix beginning March 15

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