David Arquette had a heart attack but kept wrestling, sister says

David Arquette had a heart attack less than two years ago, his sister Patricia revealed Thursday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” But that didn’t stop the actor and occasional wrestler from returning to the ring. 

Patricia, 50, reminded the audience her younger brother was World Championship Wrestling’s heavyweight champ “many years ago. So this is a revival of his wrestling career.” 

Some background info: David got into the ring for real after making the 2000 wrestling-themed comedy “Ready to Rumble,” winning his title that year. In 2010, he competed on “WWE Raw.” Eight years later, he went back in, participating in two matches last fall.

But he was 28 when he became a one-time world heavyweight champion in the now-defunct WCW. Now the “Scream” star is 47 with a 13-year-old daughter and a lengthy movie career under his belt.

“It is scary,” Patricia said. “I mean, he’s older now. He had a heart attack and now he’s wrestling… It really scares me and so I actually don’t watch the matches because it would terrify me too much.”  

She added that his heart attack happened “a year ago, a year and a half ago.”

David made headlines last year when a November comeback match went wrong, resulting in bloody images. He confirmed that he’d gotten  “stitched up.”

Apparently, the injuries apparently didn’t deter him: he tweeted Wednesday about a match coming up in late April. 


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