Glenn Close brought her adorable dog on the red carpet

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Glenn Close brought a fabulous date to the Spirit Awards. His name is Pip, but you can address him as Sir Pippin of Beanfield (which is what he’s called on Instagram).

The Havanese pup was the talk of the award show carpet on Saturday.

Pip is a good boy who obediently followed his mom amid the chaotic flash of cameras, sans leash. A natural star, Pip posed for cameras, allowed stars including Daveed Diggs to pet him and stood by as Close conducted interviews. (Earlier this year, Pip slept on the table as USA TODAY conducted an interview with Close.) 

Of course, Pip arrived to the show in style, on the lap of Close’s daughter and “The Wife” co-star, Annie Starke. 

Close has nominations at the Spirit Awards and Oscars this year for her performance as Joan in “The Wife.”


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Contributing: Anika Reed

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